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Business Management Software

Our Business Management Software is a feature rich software tool for the small business & medium sized business or company. It is not just an Business Management software or billing software. It is an Invoicing, Accounts Receivable (AR) and an Inventory program all rolled into one. Whether you sell retail products, wholesale supplies, professional services, Rent Holders, Land owners, Property Owners or any type of business, virtually any small business & medium sized company can use our Business Management Software.

Sales & CRM

Manage your pipeline, quotes and contracts all in one place. Get a complete overview of every deal and customer.

Work & Projects

See exactly what your team's time is spent on and manage workload with shared calendars and tasklists.

Billing & Reporting

Automate recurring billing and late payment reminders. Get detailed reporting on sales, costs and budgets - all on one complete dashboard.

For Land Owners

Land Owners easily add their Land’s Criteria with all details info available. Get a complete overview of every land he/she owns. A wonderful and yet hassle free Property Management tool that will give you more freedom with less paper work.

For Property Owners

Property Owners easily add their property list with all detailed info available. Get a complete overview of every Property that you own. A Powerful tool with less paperwork and more tenant management system.

For Rent Holders

Rent Holders easily track his/her rent, so that they can manage them easily. Get a complete overview of rent paid/unpaid bill/invoice for month to month.

For Product Sellers

If you are a product based business holder that this is the right tool for you. Our Powerful¬† Business Management Software will give you to manage your product a fantastic ans yet systematic way. With it’s easy management system, anyone can manage their product information very easily. So that they can get a complete overview of how much & what they buy and sell.

Transform Your Company

Running a company isn’t easy. You’re constantly faced with admin and organisational challenges, not to mention the complications of managing your sales and accounts. Too many businesses fail because these complications suck away at your time, leaving you with little time to grow your company. We built Our Software to take these challenges away from you, so you can focus on what you know best.


Improved Productivity

Companies using Knack have reported up to three times faster turnaround time from projects and tasks.


Reduced Errors

Using Knack helps companies reduce project and accounting errors by doing most of the work for them.


Increased Revenue

Businesses report increased sales and improved customer relations after using Knack, resulting in increased revenue.

Built for business. Small and Large.


Quickly issue quotes, invoices and accounting reports to maximize efficiency and revenue.


Manage your prospects, contacts and clients in one place with a simplified CRM software.

Project Management

With integrated project management, tasks, and time tracking, you can be sure that nothing gets missed.


Automatically schedule invoices and statements, generate automated reports, and more with Knack Automation. Run your company and let Knack do the hard work for you.

Team Collaboration

Forget complicated integrations. Knack allows your team to co-ordinate easily and efficiently with our apps or web platform. With built in chats, task and client notes, and a comprehensive notification system, your whole team is on the same page.

Business Management Software

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